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The spread of pathogens and harmful chemicals indoors is significantly deadly. The Nature Public Health Emergency Collection found that approximately 60% of infections people catch are acquired indoors. Inhaling harmful chemicals can also lead to headaches, allergens, and brain fog, in addition to deadly diseases such as cancer. With the shut downs we have all experienced with COVID-19, and businesses forced to close their doors we knew we needed to serve our communities. At ASW, we provide the researched tools and science-backed technology to aid in your health journey for you and your family. We began focusing our attention on how we can help businesses and households fight against SARS-CoV2, among other viruses and contaminants. Since current living conditions and building regulations are changing dramatically, focusing on providing cleaner air is essential. With extensive research to find the best in air purification; we know BPI Technology can do just that. This product has been 3rd party tested. BPI also greatly helps to eliminate VOCs, mold, and other contaminants in the air you breathe.

Jed Schug
Chief Executive Officer
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Serving Commercial and Residential Clients Across the USA.

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ASW Inc. is Fully Insured

All work ASW and affiliate contractors provide is covered under warranty and guaranteed! Your GPS product choice also comes with a 3-year factory warranty. If ASW or certified technicians install the product, we’ll extend the warranty and additional two years to give you peace of mind; because you deserve access to the best air and health quality for your overall well being. When it comes to the installation of BPI Technology, we have you covered! ASW Inc. provides installation of BPI Technology with the installation provider based on your needs.