The Process

Inspired by Nature

In nature ions are created by sunlight, radiation, wind, running water, and rain as air molecules are broken up.  These ions are God’s little air purifiers. They help break down harmful pollutants (VOC’s), and steal from the surface proteins of viruses rendering them inactive.  They also help clear the air because of conglomeration.  Ions attract particles to group together and become heavy enough to fall out of the air; thus helping with reducing allergies and reactions that we may have.  

Our indoor environment is riddled with toxins.  The EPA states that indoor air may be 2-5 times (sometimes more than 100 times) worse than outdoor air.  When we ionize our indoor air we bring nature inside our homes.  In a list of 477 chemicals ionization is found to break down all but 30.  This is 93.71% breakdown of odors and off gassing that are commonly found indoors.  Every ionizer we offer is UL2998 approved; giving you comfort that it is not producing harmful ozone in your breathing space.  

Ionizers are like the white blood cells of the air.  They actively seek to attach to their polar opposite.  Every time your blower fan comes on, air is pushed past the ionizer moving massive amounts of ions into your living space helping to sanitize the air and surfaces.  You can keep the blower fan in the on position giving yourself 24/7 purification.  The 3rd party testing has shown over 90% rate of reduction on most viruses and over 99% rate of reduction on SARS CoV2.  Unlike UV lights (which work) a passive system, ions are pushed into you living space and break down chemicals, inactivating viruses, and agglomerate particles making them heavy enough to fall out of the air or get caught in the air stream and filtered out of your HVAC filter (MERV 8 or higher is best).  Already have a UV system, great ionization can work hand in hand with UV to up your purification getting both active and passive purification.  Don’t have a UV system and want one just let us know and we can have that installed also.  In these times keeping family and loved ones safe is a priority.  Give yourself peace of mind that the air you breathe is pure.  Feel free to call me with any questions you may have.  Thank you and God Bless…